• Cursive writing with playdough
    Use this playdough writing activity to practice writing letters, words, sentences, and numbers. A great idea to practice fine motor skills and learn cursive handwriting at school or home.
  • Colorful paper flower garden
    Spring, summer, or winter, any season is the right choice to create a colorful paper flower garden. The activity is suitable for all children who already know how to hold scissors in their hands. The created craft is perfect for showing off on the windowsill. Bring the outdoor garden in! What You Need: colored paper scissors glue pencil Total Time:…
  • Family or Friends Pocket Tissue Leaflet
    With this quick and creative activity, you will never be bored again during school breaks. While waiting for the doctor or train, make your family or friends leaflet out of paper pocket tissue.
  • Fantasy Pancakes
    Kids adore pancakes. With creativity, we can paint fantasy pancakes, which will satisfy even the most unhappy kids. Use your drawing skills and create artwork that can be eaten. See what daddy and daughter create in my kitchen.