Cursive writing with playdough

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Use this playdough writing activity to practice writing letters, words, sentences, and numbers. A great idea for preschoolers to practice fine motor skills needed for a child’s pencil grip and lower-grade schoolers to learn cursive handwriting at school or home.

What You Need:

  • playdough of different colors
  • white paper sheet with written letters or numbers
playdough writing activity

Total Time:

  • 20 minutes

How To Write with Playdough:

Shape the playdough into a ball. Then roll the ball into long thin sausages, worms or snakes, so a kid can form numbers and letters. Your kid should shape the sausages with their fingers and not their palms. Rolling with your fingertips strengthens the muscles that a child needs for a good grip of a pencil. Rolling with the palm encourages stretching the finger. The sausage is then broken into smaller pieces to form shapes of numbers and letters. My clever preschooler formed the letter right out of flattened balls.

playdough writing letter

For preschoolers parents can write letters or their names on paper. Write letters as big as you can. After kids roll a snake, they tried to form it onto the letter of their names. Schoolers can try to write their name in cursive letters. Once their name is perfectly formed, and they want to continue rolling playdough, they can decorate the blank space around their name.

playdough writing cursive

In the preschool years, it is useful to give children the opportunity to practice writing and learn about the alphabet in different ways. Why not use playdough instead of a pencil? Try it and your kids will adore it!