Colorful paper flower garden

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Spring, summer, or winter, any season is the right choice to create a colorful paper flower garden. The activity is suitable for all children who already know how to hold scissors in their hands. The created craft is perfect for showing off on the windowsill. Bring the outdoor garden in!

What You Need:

  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil

Total Time:

  • 20 minutes

How To Do Paper Flower Garden:

My daughters love papercrafts. Younger children like my 4-years old toddler may need the help of parents or older children to cut out the template flowers. However, we should allow them to design their small flower garden out of paper.


Use as much colorful paper as possible to make your mini paper flower garden shines on the windowsill. So, it will be noticed by near and far neighbors and passers-by.

This project leaves a lot of room for creativity. You can use the prepared template for flowers. If you want to give your children as much artistic freedom as possible, they can draw the outlines of the flowers themselves with a pencil on a piece of paper. Younger children will probably need your help with this.

To make the artwork last longer, you can laminate it and keep it in the memory box.


Paper Flower Garden Template.