Family or Friends Pocket Tissue Leaflet


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With this quick and creative activity, you will never be bored again during school breaks. While waiting for the doctor or train, make your family or friends leaflet out of paper pocket tissue.

What You Need:

  • paper pocket tissue
  • colored markers

Total Time:

  • 15 minutes

What To Do:

Take a pocket tissue and unfold it on a hard surface. Leave the top of the tissue folded. On this part of the pocket tissue, in each square, draw faces and hairstyles. Next, draw bodies and clothes on the bottom of the handkerchief. When you’re done, unfold the top of the pocket tissue and give your body different heads and hairstyles. Finally, fold the pocket tissue to its original position. You can now play with the pocket tissue leaflet as shown in this short video below. Use imagination and create your family or friends leaflet.